28 Feb 2014
Shopworks, Inc. Designs New Equipment for the Simon Property Group

  By Thomas Loeff   The Simon Property Group of Indianapolis, IN has installed new RMUs and kiosks designed by Sharon Loeff, president of Shopworks, Inc.  The first two properties to receive the new equipment are Walt Whitman Shops, NY, and Town Center Boca, FL.  As many as ten additional properties will receive the new […]

20 Feb 2014
Specialty Retail and the Common Area; an Industry with Ancient Origins

By Thomas Loeff   Pushcarts, and kiosks have been around since biblical times, if not longer.  From wooden wheeled structures to dimly lit-stalls lining the unpaved streets of a medieval town; wherever people have congregated, there has been an opportunity for specialty retail merchants. The thirteenth century painting below shows a French marketplace.  It’s not […]